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I have a Kurdish heritage, born and raised in a small town in the West part of Iran, just half-an hour drive to Kurdish Iraqi border.

After high school, I moved to Tehran and studied Industrial Engineering, receiving my BSc. from K.N.Toosi University of Technology (2004). Following my graduation, I have worked in various companies in different industries as planning engineer in Tehran and South of Iran. I then decided to continue my studies and recieved my MSc in Industrial Engineering from Tarabiat Modares University(2008). After working in the project managemt filed for two years, I decided to pursue my PhD in France. I moved to France in 2009 and recieved my PhD from the University of Bordeuax, France in 2014. Following that, I have spent two years at Ecole Central-Supelec for my post doctoral reserach.

I am now an Associate Professor in Management Science at Cardiff University. Prior to that, I was an Assistant Professor at Coventry University.

I am very passinoate about forecasting, data analytics and knowledge sharing. I have created Democratising forecasting inittiative sponsered by the International Institute of forecasters that aims at training students, academics and professionals in develipng countries and share the latest knowledfe and best practices on forecasting using R. Moreover, I delive five workshops per year for NHS in collaboration with NHS-R Community.

My [research] focuses on forecasting/modeling and its link to decision making. I am interested in forecasting for social good which investigate how and where forecasting can be used to create societal impact. I have launched this initiative in 2018, sponsered by Cardiff Business School and [IIF](International Institute of forecasters) which aims at bringing academics, researchers and practitioners to advance forecasting for social good. I organise the second Workshop on forecasting for social good in Bordeaux, France , following by the first workshop in July 2018 in Cardiff.

In my resaerch, I have also conduted reserch on forecasting by aggregation which could be considered as a data transformation approach that links forecasting ro decision making. I have written numerous scientific publications on forecasting and presented my research at over 20 international conferences.



Associate Professort (Senior Lecturer) in Managemet Science

Cardiff University

December 2016 – Present Cardiff, UK

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Management Science

Coventry University

August 2015 – October 2016 Coventry, UK

Post-doctoral Researcher in Industrial Engineering

Ecole Centrale-Supelec

October 2013 – August 2015 Paris, France

Research Assiatanct

Kedge Business School

January 2011 – September 2013 Bordeaux, France

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