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Promoting joint analytical problem-solving building on the Welsh Modelling Collaborative

The Welsh Modelling Collaborative plans to promote joint analytical problem solving for NHS stakeholders by bringing together NHS Wales decision makers, analysts and academics

Flow management in admission and emergency care

This project is funded by Global Challenge Research Fund. The project will focus on the analysis of the flow management practices (information, products, staff and patients) for the A&E and medical admissions in the Charle Nicole hospital in Tunisia

Forecasting for social Good in India

We organize a workshop in India, bringing together academics and practitioners (NGOs, governmental organizations, private companies, etc. with social missions), to provide access to high quality training, share knowledge, and build capacity and relationships for collaborative research on forecasting and data analytics for social good, consistent with the purpose of GCRF on sustainable development

Impact of special events on Accident and Emergency attendance in NHS Wales

he goals of this study is to explore and evaluate the impact of special events such as holidays, weather, festivals and sport events in using several statistical forecasting methods to predict A&E patient volumes. A new model will be developed considering special events and will be compared to a benchmark and existing time series forecasting methods.

Forecasting for Social Good

One of the key objectives of my research is to use Operational Research techniques to improve decision making in organizations with social missions, thereby positively contributing to advancing knowledge in the field of forecasting practice for social good.

Forecasting for Social Good incorporates the need of society rather than emphasising a pure financial performance with two main elements: i) decisions are not directly driven by profit and ii) gives priority to those who are generally external to the organisation. Topic may include but not limited to:

  • Health
  • Humanitarian and disaster relief
  • Education
  • Goverments
  • Social services

Forecasting for Social Good Initiative aims to explore and expose how (where) forecasting can have positive societal impact. The objective is threefold: i) expose the importance of forecasting for social good, ii) capture the otherwise dispersed current state of knowledge, and set the agenda to drive developments iii) create and establish research collaboration and partnership at the national and international level.

To that end, I have organised the first international workshop dedicated to the use of forecasting for social good in Cardiff University on Thursday and Friday 12-13 July 2018. This workshop was an important step to bring more attention to this extremely important topic. It brings together researchers and practitioners across 10 countries to discuss research agenda in this area, whilst helping me broaden my network and introduce important research collaborations with academics as well as build solid partnerships with organizations.

Please see below for more information about the conference:

  1. 24th IIF workshop on Forecasting for Social Good

  2. Short video about the conference on Forecasting for Social Good

We are organising the second international workshop on Forecasting for Social Good on 11-12 June 2020 in France.

Democratising forecasting

This is an ongoing initiative that provides cutting-edge trainings in the area of forecasting using R in some of the world’s least developed countries and organisations with social missions. The workshop is free of charge.

The project is initiated by Dr Bahman Rostami-Tabar and sponsored by the International Institute of Forecasters. For more information please see IIF Website

To organise a workshop in your country, contact

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