International Symposium of Forecasting, University of Oxford

Last week I attended the 42nd International Symposium of Forecasting at the University of Oxford. This was my first in-person conference since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. I met many colleagues and friends and listened to many inspiring talks.

I presented two papers myself and co-authored four others presented by my colleagues and Ph.D. students.

Below you can access these presentations:

  1. Probabilistic Forecasting of hourly Emergency Departement arrivals, in collaboration with Jethro Browell & Ivan Svetunkov

  2. Hierarchical forecasting of vaccine supply chain, in collaboration with John Snow, Inc

  3. Forecasting for unplanned care: a literature review, in collaboration with Mingzhe Shi and Daniel Gartner

  4. Revisiting forecasting for Emergency Department staffing, in collaboration with Shixuan Wang and Stephen Disney

  5. Forecasting length of stay in trauma network, in collaboration with Zihao Wang, Jane Haider and Mohamed Naim

  6. Forecasting for lead-time period by temporal aggregation: Whether to combine and how, in collaboration with Thanos Goltsos and Shixuan Wang

Professor of Data-Driven Decision Science