A reflection on the transition of a forecasting in R workshop from face-to-face into an online format

Following a transition from teaching a face-to-face workshop into an online format, I share a post to reflect on my experience which might be useful for others

Week 2- Prepare Data - Part 1

This posts explains steps in preparing data for analysis

Week 1- Essentials to work in R

1 Forecasting task 2 Essentials to work with R 3 Important things to know about R 4 Install and load packages 5 Getting help in R 6 Be patient with R, and with yourself 7 Next blog 8 Github for forecasting using R 9 References Following the delivery of a series of workshops on forecasting using R in the developing countries-please see democratising forecasting section- and some other organisations such as NHS in the UK, I am going to publish series of weekly posts (every Friday) to make them accessible to a wider audiance.

Forecasting Training for the National Health Service(NHS), UK

A guide on the 2 days workshop for NHS across the UK in collaboration with NHS-R community

Call for Submissions

A guide to call for paper submission for forecasting for social good workshop