International Symposium of Forecasting, University of Oxford

Summary of talks I have delivered or co-authored.

Fully funded PhD opportunity on forecasting & global health at Cardiff University, UK.

Fully funded PhD opportunity to investigate forecasting and machine learning approaches in the family planning supply chain.

Embracing Uncertainty in Healthcare

Do you always set plans and rarely achieve them because by the time they are published things changed? Do you generate a forecast and it’s always wrong? If these questions are familiar, this workshop is for you. It’s not your fault if your forecast is wrong and your plan fails – traditional deterministic forecasting and planning is seriously incomplete because it ignores uncertainties.

A reflection on the transition of a forecasting in R workshop from face-to-face into an online format

Following a transition from teaching a face-to-face workshop into an online format, I share a post to reflect on my experience which might be useful for others

Week 2- Prepare Data - Part 1

This posts explains steps in preparing data for analysis

Week 1- Essentials to work in R

1 Forecasting task 2 Essentials to work with R 3 Important things to know about R 4 Install and load packages 5 Getting help in R 6 Be patient with R, and with yourself 7 Next blog 8 Github for forecasting using R 9 References Following the delivery of a series of workshops on forecasting using R in the developing countries-please see democratising forecasting section- and some other organisations such as NHS in the UK, I am going to publish series of weekly posts (every Friday) to make them accessible to a wider audiance.

Forecasting Training for the National Health Service(NHS), UK

A guide on the 2 days workshop for NHS across the UK in collaboration with NHS-R community

Call for Submissions

A guide to call for paper submission for forecasting for social good workshop