Flow management in admission and emergency care

This project is funded by Global Challenge Research Fund. The project will focus on the analysis of the flow management practices (information, products, staff and patients) for the A&E and medical admissions. The project is codcuted in the Charle Nicole hospital in Tunis, Tunisa between June and November 2018. The phase one of the project is to understand the specificities of the healthcare supply-chain by conducting a comprehensive literature review. Moreover, the literature review may help to understand the healthcare supply-chains in the UK and Tunisia since few studies have started recently to look at this domain in the two countries. The phase two is the core part of the project and it concerns the collection of information in the hospitals by conducting surveys, interviews and organizing meetings, to be able to understand the current situation of supply-chain operations and decision processes. At the end of this phase, value stream mappings will be produced for both hospitals which allows to perform a comparative analysis of both healthcare supply-chains.

Professor of Data-Driven Decision Science