Forecasting for Social Good workshop opening

Forecasting for Social Good opening at University of Oxford

Hierarchical forecasting of vaccine supply chain

Forecasting for vaccine supply chain, a presentation in the Forecasting for Social Good workship at University of Oxford

My research projects with organisations

This presentation summarise my projects with organisations that involve forecasting, machine learning and modeling.

Promoting joint analytical problem-solving building on the Welsh Modelling Collaborative

The Welsh Modelling Collaborative plans to promote joint analytical problem solving for NHS stakeholders by bringing together NHS Wales decision makers, analysts and academics

Flow management in admission and emergency care

This project is funded by Global Challenge Research Fund. The project will focus on the analysis of the flow management practices (information, products, staff and patients) for the A&E and medical admissions in the Charle Nicole hospital in Tunisia

Impact of special events on Accident and Emergency attendance in NHS Wales

The goals of this study is to explore and evaluate the impact of special events such as holidays, weather, festivals and sport events in using several statistical forecasting methods to predict A&E patient volumes. A new model will be developed considering special events and will be compared to a benchmark and existing time series forecasting methods.