Promoting joint analytical problem-solving building on the Welsh Modelling Collaborative

The Welsh Modelling Collaborative plans to promote joint analytical problem solving for NHS stakeholders by bringing together NHS Wales decision makers, analysts and academics to work on projects which address common problems for healthcare stakeholders (clinicians, planners, managers and decision makers) in order to develop common solutions which will continue to be developed and tested across NHS Wales organisations. I am a member of the program board looking at forecasting related projects along with NHS Wales analysts and six other academics from School of Mathematics - Cardiff University, University of South Wales, University of Loughborough and University of Canterbury. This is a three years project, funded by Welsh Government and Health Foundation.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate a collaborative analytical model that seeks to:

  1. Apply new and innovative analytical methods to important current issues facing health and care services.
  2. Test ways in which experts can work collaboratively with analysts from within the services.
  3. Help teams of analysts from different organisations work together on common problems and develop common solutions.
  4. Demonstrate a sustainable way or promoting analytical collaboration and help develop a framework for successful analytical collaboration.
Professor of Data-Driven Decision Science